Does Your View Look Like This When You Wake Up To Snow?

February 25, 2012

Snowy Landscape View of Home With Property Back Yard to Pond

Click to Enlarge - WARNING! - You Will Want To Buy This Property If You Do

It doesn’t take much to turn this home with property into a one big gorgeous winter snowscape.

Many people wake up to snow and think “uggh!”.

But when you live on this beautiful western Illinois acreage you think “quick! grab the camera!”.

The only danger here is that you will run out of hard drive space trying to store all of the photos and video you want to take when the snow is clinging to the pines, the pond is iced over, and better yet you catch the deer on their morning graze across your back yard.

We aren’t professional photographers but as you can see the photos can be stunning.

Snowy Backyard View From Kitchen Window

Looking Out The Kitchen Window Over The Sink

Here is a quick photo on the right of what you see out your kitchen window after just an inch or so of snow when you own this gorgeous custom home.

Click the image and look toward the back of the view to see the snow clinging to the woven wire fence.

Then when the sun comes out you can barely stand all of those glistening snow covered limbs, it is truly a sight to behold as it finally melts away on a late February day.

You probably love wildlife as much as we do so you might notice in the bottom left of this photo is one of our bird feeders.

This style feeder will attract those pretty bluejays, cardinals and wrens, but the birds only get what the deer who feast on it leave for them or spill.

Backyard Bird Feeder Will Attract Both Birds and Deer

Feeder Attracts Deer In Addition To Birds

The other feeder is a squirrel proof variety, but interestingly enough, the squirrels seem to like that one best!

Spring is coming and this fantastic property will not be available for much longer.

If living in a winter wonderland, sportsman & hunting paradise secluded on your own little “state park” sounds like a dream come true for you then go to our contact page and find out how this can become yours.

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