I Bet You Would Exercise More Here

April 13, 2012

Exercise Room With A View

Exercies Room With A View

Can You Just Feel Those Pounds Melting Off?

I can tell you from experience that one is more apt to exercise often and longer when you have a nice exercise room with a view.

This multi-purpose room in the lower level of our custom home is finely appointed with paint, carpet, ceiling tiles, window coverings and custom made valances.

Pictured here are the Octane elliptical machine and our Hoist weight machine.

In the early morning when its dark I would watch TV or perhaps music videos since the room is equipped with digital cable hookup and an ideal place for the TV, game consoles or whatever.

There are windows out two directions once it got light enough to see outside. Squirrels and even a raccoon have come right up to the windows to peer in and with the bird feeder just outside the window deer were regular guests.

Exercies Room With A View To Inside of Custom Home For Sale

Nice View To The Inside Also

And lest you think that this 17 x 13 exercise room was in any way stuck in a hole or corner of the basement, here is a view toward the inside of the home also.

The “adjoining” room is over 24 feet long and starts out just under 11 feet wide (on the right in the photo) and opens up to over 17 feet wide in the landing from the back stairway (the home has 2 wide, high stairways for the ultimate in convenience).

The two rooms are separated only by the partial half wall in the photo and the custom woodwork column shown.

More Convenience

Should you need to use the “facilities” while exercising or if you care to shower close by when finished there is a nice 3/4 bath with large shower stall just out of the picture to the right, on the right side.

I can ramble on for hours about the merits of this home and why you would love to live here, but as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words; so here are some more pictures.

Window Views To The Outside Of The Exercise Room

Here is the view from the smaller set of two egress windows:

View Out Window Of Exercise Room

View Towards The Upper Pond

I couldn’t pick which view is my favorite, so they are in no particular order. This is the view out the group of 4 windows (2 are egress), out to the deer feeders – I mean BIRD feeders (they get what the deer spill) – and on towards the lower pond:

View Outside From Exercise Room

View Toward Bird (Deer) Feeders And Lower Pond

Notice the deep window sills? That’s because of the concrete knee wall with 2×6 construction on top of it. But we didn’t stop there. To increase the insulative R value of the home and make for a “real” interior wall with standard wiring and outlets there is another insulated 2×4 wall inside for a total of 10 inches of wall in the lower level.

One word: cozy!

(And if you have a cat that is a tad overweight he or she will love the extra width sill.)

Here are a couple more photos for your enjoyment:

Large Exercise Room in Custom Home With Acreage For Sale

Another Pic To Enjoy

This one shows the shades in the completely closed position:

Interior View of Exercise Room in Custom Home With Acreage For Sale

This View Shows The Nice Roll Down Variable Light Window Coverings

Yes, you have to have some cash, or really good credit.

But if you can afford it, and love the outdoors half as much as we do, then Contact Us and find out how to make this home and acreage yours.

It’s not going to be available forever…

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