Land Of The Midnight Sun? Winter Wonderland With A Full Moon

February 8, 2015

Bathed In Moonlight

There are so many things that I never tire of out on this farm that we regrettably must leave, and one of them is a full moon on a crystal clear, cold night after a fresh snowfall is still clinging to the pines.

Just as in the previous post, if only I were a real photographer!

But since digital cameras have come so far in the last 10 years I am able to offer you these night time shots taken just after the Winter Wonderland photos posted earlier this week.

It was a little too cold to stay out for a real long time but it made me miss our dog we had here (a Malamute, so appropriate in the Winter!) when I would take him for his walk before bed. He LOVED the snow and it was so enjoyable to be out in the still, calm, quiet night bathed in moonlight.

No flashlight required; it’s bright enough to play a game of catch with all the moonlight reflecting off the snow.

It reminds me of an alpine scene in a James Bond movie or “Where Eagles Dare” (yes, that dates me, I know).

If this is piece of property that would be a dream come true for you, and the location of Western Illinois just South of the Quad Cites, North of Galesburg/Monmouth – just 20 minutes to the Quad City Airport – then contact me before someone else does.

Here are those moonlight pics (again, my apologies for not being a real photographer with an awesome camera – but then again, I would probably have a stampede of people out here if that were the case 😉 ):

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