Late Fall Snow Storm Leaves Behind Its Beauty

November 23, 2015

2015 “Fall” Winter Wonderland

In the “If you don’t like the weather in Illinois, stick around for a minute and it will change” category, Friday night November 20th and into the early morning of the 21st – mercifully a weekend for many who otherwise would be going to work in this – the temperature dropped and a high moisture snow storm blanketed the area with 6 – 12″ of snow.

At the South end of the storm band, we got more along the lines of 6″ but it’s really hard to measure; in some places the driveway was bare…

I always have a tendency to start taking pictures as the snow is still coming down and keep taking them at intervals until I get the ones with the beautiful blue sky and sunshine sparkling off the snowy trees and landscapes.

Some of the tree branches did break, but by Monday most of the snow was off of the trees and branches sprung back up into place. That’s one reason I try to be quick with the camera; once the sun comes out the snow melts off the trees quite rapidly.


I managed to catch a couple of deer in the camera lens and they seemed real concerned about what might be following them.


Just visible over the crest of the hill, I had to zoom the lens to pick them up.


Just a short time later I walked out the driveway and I saw this guy. Oddly, he didn’t seem to notice me and offered me a rare opportunity for a profile “shot” while pretty much standing still. Due to a lack of a backstop I had to use only my camera and not the other piece of equipment I had on me in a different caliber.

Managed to get a couple of pics of him leaving the scene.


During And After The Snow

Check out these photos of the wonder left behind. Thankfully I didn’t even shovel more than just a path to the building. As it always seems to go, that’s the deepest part of the snowfall!

Wise folks stay in on such days and with this to enjoy why go anywhere else?

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One of the things I like best about my HTC One X+ is the panoramas one can take with the camera. Yes, the views are redundant but I just couldn’t decide to delete any of these.

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