Mars and Full Moon Over Trees at Illinois Home With Property For Sale

April 16, 2012

If You Enjoy Star Gazing, You Will Love It Here

Moon Setting in the Morning

Moon Sets Over Your Trees In The Early Morning Light

If you love star gazing, meteor showers, full moons bright enough to walk around the woods without a flashlight, then you will love living here.

It’s hard to get good photos with the inexpensive camera equipment I have but I sure have some cool images burned into my memory.

There were times we would lay on the driveway in the back of a pickup or wrapped in a sleeping bag on a cold night to see a Perseid (or other) meteor shower.

Taking the dog out on a full moon night was always a treat as we didn’t even bother with a flashlight (though I had one on me!). With a fresh coating of snow it would be almost bright as day.

Here is a video I did trying to highlight the recent planetary alignment of Venus and Jupiter, Mars opposite and later a bright full moon.

The quality is not that great, but I sure enjoyed it.

If this is your kind of country living, then contact us right away and make it yours.

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