New Tires On The Utility Trailer

March 19, 2015

Ever See Something Like This Before?

homestead utility trailer

Time For Some New Tires

I think most people who have ever lived on a farm have a memory of something like this old, home-made utility trailer. Maybe for you it’s an old Ford Model N tractor or something.

Ever hear someone use the phrase “held together with baling wire”?

Well this old trailer isn’t quite that bad, but I did have to reinforce the corners and put some new(er) tires on it. Turns out that 14″ tires are getting hard to come by so I actually had to pay some money for these.

Most of the time this trailer is used to haul firewood from wherever it happens to be on the land up to the house. But it comes in real handy when repairing fence, taking down fence or hauling branches or trash to the burn pile.

You might even find a young person enjoying a ride in it now and then as well.

So What About This Trailer?

This trailer has good memories for me. Those stains on the side are from paintballs back when this sat on the property of the friend I got it from. Good times. And, it reminds of my friend himself.

That said, I can’t exactly pull this old gem to Texas so for the right price on the home and property, this handy trailer comes with the deal.

Are you the right person for an incredible home (and shop!) on a fabulous tract of 87 wooded acres and a couple of small ponds? If so, and you realize that this is no blue light special or Detroit mark-down, contact me before someone else does.

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