Tired Of The HOA Police? Rest Easy Here

June 27, 2013

Be Your OWN Homeowners Association


HOA Board Meeting

We were told that in Mercer County you could get away with murder, and though we have a back 40 for burial, we never tested that one. What we did find, though, is that the county pretty much leaves you alone; heck, you can even burn a tire now and then.

Our portable basketball hoop stayed clean and like-new inside the 36×42 Morton building with a 12′ ceiling, we wheeled it out when we wanted to play. I always threatened to get a nerf style ball and even play inside but that never happened.

Down here in Texas, the only way you can really get a home with an acre or two is in one of the many subdivisions, all with an HOA (Homeowner’s Owner’s Association) or POA (Property Owner’s Association); with pages upon pages of boring (non-searchable PDF) rules that must be followed. Don’t follow them and you start getting letters in the mail when the local self-appointed POA Nazi turns you in.

Ready To Do What You Please?

When you live in this beautiful custom home on your own acreage you decide what’s acceptable and what isn’t.


Randy Quaid as Cousin Eddie in "Christmas Vacation"

  • Want to burn trash today? Do it.
  • Leave the portable basketball hoop out? Fine.
  • Make a bunch of noise? No complaints.
  • Allow cousin Randy Quaid to park his RV on the drive for a month? Ok if you say so.
  • Discharge a firearm? Yeah, duh!
  • Trash can storage restrictions? Not a one.
  • Hide your LP Tank? Heck no, we painted them to match the building!
  • Raise chickens, llamas, whatever? No problem here.

You’re getting the idea, right?

And while the street isn’t exactly smooth paved blacktop, you’re not paying dues every year either (in addition to the property taxes).

No, you live out here and for the most part, you make the rules. And if somebody doesn’t like what you do, well, you know what they say about Mercer County!

Living Your Way

So if the idea of living a little more carefree and easy, not worrying about the neighbors and the homeowner’s association then something like this home on 87 acres South of the Quad Cities in Western Illinois might be just the thing for you.

The things you can do here are nearly endless, limited by your imagination. We’ve come up with a pretty long list on the home page.

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