Turkeys And Deer Hanging Out Together In Back Yard

March 16, 2015

I Counted 16 Deer, But Probably A Few More

At Least 16 Deer In Yard Toward Cottonwood

Back Yard Visitors

Early evening is a good time to spot deer, often in large quantities. They rarely bother the ornamentals or fruit trees/bushes so the deer are always a welcome site.

If you are deer hunter your mouth is probably watering looking at all these fine four-legged creatures; if not, they are just fun to watch. I haven’t even been filling the bird feeders in several years and the deer still love the back yard, side yard and sometimes even the front yard.

A couple of days later I looked out the kitchen window in the morning and there were quite a number of deer that apparently spent the night under the pine trees just 20 yards from the house. Several turkeys wandered on through and the deer were content just to watch them go by; the turkeys didn’t seem to pay any attention whatsoever to the deer.

Checkout the pictures below and if you look closely you can spot 3 deer faces watching the turkeys from their overnight quarters.

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