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April 9, 2012

This Home And Property For Sale Can Be Your New Home

Home and Building on Sunny Afternoon

I Never Tire Of Sights Like This

Illinois is not exactly renowned for its weather, but on a beautiful sunny Spring day like today I just love it.

Wall to wall sunshine with temps in the mid-60’s really is not much to complain about in early April.

Green grass, freshly mowed.

It’s the kind of day where I wanted to take a walk out to the mailbox even though I knew it would be empty.

Once I saw the cool clouds, though, I had to dash back inside for the camera.

Do I already have a few gigabytes of photos just like this? Yeah, but I had to snap a few anyway.

So I decided, hey, why not post them on the blog to make you jealous? (hehe)

It’s not like this Western Illinois paradise is not for sale or anything, right?

Living out here is really unique. You feel like you are on your own private state park, yet in 20 – 30 minutes you can be in Moline, Rock Island, Davenport or Bettendorf Iowa – or the other directions you can be in Monmouth, Galesburg or even Muscatine (longer than 30 minutes to there, though, but a nice drive).

Heck even Aledo in 10 minutes, or into our local village to the grocery store, diner, pizza, the Post Office or Casey’s in about 3 minutes.

But right now all I hear is the wind blowing – yes, it’s pretty breezy today so if any of these pics look crooked it’s because the wind is blowing me over a bit!

Enjoy these photos, then talk to your better half about whether or not country life, just minutes from the city life, is for you.

It’s the perfect remedy for someone who has high blood pressure from an over stressed life. Enjoy the geese in the early morning.

Contact us when you are ready to make the move of your lifetime.

Photo Gallery of Home With Property For Sale (Western Illinois, Quad Cities/Galesburg)

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