Perfect For Starting Illinois Winery

home-with-property-perfect-for-starting-illinois-wineryThis home with property is perfect for starting Illinois winery; not only is the ground excellent for growing grapes (according to 2 licensed foresters) but there is also a separate plot of land right adjacent to the road should you want a retail wine establishment of any kind – including parking area!

Gently rolling hills with a variety of views and forested areas – including 2 ponds – is for sale with a beautiful home, exceptional out building (made by Morton) and even a quaint but solid older traditional barn.

Two foresters, one private and one from the Illinois Department Of Natural Resources have both been over the entire property evaluating the many options for land usage.

When asked what this land would be ideal for, the DNR forester immediately replied “growing grapes”.

A separate tract of land already exists with its own well and immediately off the road that could be used for a retail wine establishment, wholesale wine activity, other other winery related needs and purpose.

Close proximity to both a North South Illinois State Highway and and East West State Highway make accessing the property easy for locals, retail customers on the Illinois Wine Trail or transport for wholesale wine selling.

If your dream is to own property that you can grow grapes and begin an Illinois winery then contact us right away and get your dream converted to reality.