Laundry Room, Sewing Room

Most Incredible Laundry, Sewing and Craft Room

Awesome Laundry Room with sewing desk and craft workstations

Laundry, Sewing, Crafts

This is probably the nicest laundry room you have ever had the pleasure of working in.

How many of you have seen the washer and dryer stuck in the concrete block wall, moldy smelling basement of a home before? Does the odor pop into your brain, probably with an image besides, just when you read that?

Our home was built with comfort and luxury in mind and expense considered as an after-thought.

This husband wanted his wife to have an enjoyable place to perform daily chores like laundry and sewing. As a bonus there is a nice area in the back right of the picture at left where two children can indulge in crafts at a couple of nice craft workstations with under cabinet lighting.

What Is NOT In This Laundry Room?

It would probably be easier to mention what is NOT in this laundry room.

The overall dimensions are 24 1/2 feet long, just over 11 feet wide and a ceiling of 7′ 8″. The carpet is a high durability weave, padded and comfortable to the feet. Ceiling has three 4′ fluorescent lights (2 on a 3 way switch, 1 by each door; instant-on electronic ballasts – naturally) and a third toward the back on its own switch.

The suspended ceiling has some premium “tin replica” 2×2 tiles.

Both sets of cabinets have premium low voltage under cabinet lighting.

Counters, Cabinets, Storage

The long counter with stainless steel 2 sided utility sink is 12 feet long. The sewing/utility desk is over 7 1/2 feet long.

Premium cabinets with lots of storage.

The closet in the back left of the room is 80 inches long and 29 inches deep with a closet rod and shelf. Note the depth, we stored large rubbermaids in there too. The closet has a 60 inch, 6 panel oak bi-fold door.

The “closet” for the laundry baskets has storage space under the laundry basket shelf for more storage.

3 Way Laundry Chute

I think I can guarantee you have NEVER seen a laundry chute like this before.

Laundry Chute Door - Door Open

Note The 3 Compartments - Whites, Medium, Dark

Laundry Chute - Door Closed

Laundry Chute Door, Upstairs in Bedroom Hallway

Upstairs, in the bedroom hallway, is a custom cabinet door enclosing the laundry chute.

We had a sheet metal fabricator create a no-sharp-edge 3 tunnel laundry chute (for Whites, Medium & Dark) with a flare out at the bottom for the outside two so that the 3 laundry baskets sitting in the laundry room below could be filled easily from above.

(see photos below)

While nothing is perfect, these baskets would catch 90% of laundry dropped down through the laundry chute, eliminating the need to carry dirty laundry downstairs and sort.

This is the most convenient way we could think of to handle laundry with the most ease on the part of mom or whoever did laundry.

Laundry Baskets Sitting Under Laundry Chute - Chute Visible

Note the 3-Way Metal Chute At Top

Please, Please, Please! If you have EVER seen anything like this, post a comment below and send us pictures if you have them.

The custom door upstairs I believe was close to $200 and the metal work was $300.

The 3/4″ oak plywood shelf used up most of a $75 8′ sheet. And the 6 panel oak bi-fold door? Add another $750 for the door and the staining.

Luxury and convenience does not come cheap, but we loved it and HATE that we can’t take it with us.

Sewing Room

This Laundry, Sewing, Craft room has an alcove measuring about 39 inches for a dedicated sewing machine cabinet, with overhead storage and under cabinet low voltage lighting.

Then, the sewing/utility desk under the window is another place where the girls would set a sewing machine to have more room when making long, flowing dresses.

The view out the egress capable window is stunning most of the year around. See the pics in the gallery below.

Washer & Dryer

Oh, and one more thing! This room actually has a washer and dryer too! We have a premium front load set with the pedestals underneath. The dryer is on L.P. Gas and vented outside right behind the dryer.

The washer and dryer are available for separate purchase when you buy the house, if you wish.

Ironing Board

We have already moved the ironing board, but in the photos in the gallery below you can see where we hung the iron and ironing board in a convenient bracket between the two doors (one door goes out to the family/game room next to the stairs going up, the other door into the furnace, storage room).

Next to that rack is a swing out rack for hanging shirts while ironing.

Final Thoughts

This laundry room was designed by a woman who knows how to organize her work, and she loved it. You can see the care of detail with the wallpaper, matching clock and even the cute little electrical outlet covers.

Why not make laundry as easy and enjoyable as possible?

This is what this beautiful custom home on 87 acres is all about, contact us immediately if you are interested in enjoying a country lifestyle in a gorgeous surrounding.

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