Want To Park Your Truck In The Garage For Once?

March 13, 2012

Oversize Garage Doors and Large Garage Fit Pickup Trucks


Won't Break Mirrors or Tall Topper

Are you sick of seeing “3 Car Garages” with what amounts to 1 large single vehicle door masquerading as a 2 car garage door and a 1 large walk-in overhead door being palmed off as a single car garage?

In the former, two medium size cars have to be pulled in the garage (if there’s room) in a “V” formation so the car on the right can get the drivers door open, and the latter best fits the riding lawn mower; maybe a COMPACT car.

What dimwit thinks a 7×16 foot garage door is two car? Notice they DON’T call it a two truck – at least they are honest about that part. And a 7×8 foot door fits a full size sedan? Buy that car with quick replace mirrors and plenty of spares.

In our previous post, See Why This Isn’t Just Any Garage, we talked about why this garage is no ordinary garage and why it certainly would not be fair to just think of this as a “two car garage”. The fact that once you live here you can finally park your pickup truck in the garage, we thought, merited some extra electronic ink and some more photos.

Pickup Trucks Belong In The Garage Too

They say if you live in the Midwest you want your car (or truck) in the garage so you don’t have to scrape windows. That’s right, but living in the South you would want to get into your truck when the inside temp is 140 degrees and the sun has cracked the paint on the top of the vehicle?

You want your truck in the garage no matter WHERE you live.

Here is a photo of my 1998 Ford F-150 4×4 off road pickup sitting with the mirrors at the garage door opening marked up with measurements. While this garage was built with this standard size pickup in mind to have ample room, you could still easily fit your extended length pickup also, even with wider mirrors for pulling trailers.

Garage Doors Measured and Compared to Truck

8'x10' Garage Doors Make ALL The Difference Especially With A Pickup Truck

Your Pickup Isn’t All This Garage Will Fit

Since there is room behind this truck and to the sides, there is room for more than just your SUV and Pickup in this garage.

Custom Home Garage Fits Pickup Truck With Ample Room Besides

Room Behind The Pickup Truck Too

We have a refrigerator behind the truck and I can still drop the tailgate and walk between the two. Could have a workbench there also. Photo on the right.

My nice 10′ Louisville ladder hangs on the side wall with plenty of room to walk between that and the truck too.

Garage square footage is the cheapest square footage you will build in a custom home; so why do people scrimp on it? A larger garage is the cheapest way I know of to add DAILY COMFORT in a home.

And since this custom home for sale is in Illinois there is a full basement PLUS storm shelter underneath for AMPLE STORAGE. Why do I mention this? Because it means that your garage is not stuffed full of all of your stuff like in your last home, which forced both your truck AND your car out onto the driveway.

Who wants there stuff in the garage anyway, where it’s not climate controlled and more susceptible to insects?

So don’t be put off by this nice custom home not having a “3 car garage”. I submit that this REAL 2 TRUCK garage is better than 99.9% of the “3 car” impersonators you will see listed for sale.

By the way, the riding lawn mower is in the 36’x42′ Morton Building 30 feet away; and that garage door is 10’x10′ just in case you have a big mower.

Do you love the outdoors, perhaps a hunter looking for over 80 acres of prime deer hunting or turkey hunting ground? Then contact us today while this premier Western Illinois property (just south of the Quad Cities) is still available for sale.

Couple more photos for you:

Oversize Garage Fits Pickups Comfortably

Oversize Garage Fits Pickups Comfortably

And another – with a little attitude, sorry! (OK, I’m NOT sorry!)

Pickup With 5 Gallon Bucket On Side For Reference

Pickup With 5 Gallon Bucket On Side For Reference With Notes!

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