Winter Wonderland 2015 – Where Are The Sleds?

February 1, 2015

Imagine Winter When You Live Here


Imagine Waking Up To This...View From Your Bedroom Window

The Winter of 2014-15 has been more normal for snowfall it seems, in contrast with some of those years where we had little to almost none!

February 2015 is rolling in with a beautiful snow cover after some rain to add that ‘stickiness’ to the pine trees. Beautiful effect.

The only problem now is that there are no children to go sledding down the hills or to pull behind the 6-Wheeler. Adults have a tendency to feel a little silly sledding down hills unless there are kids present – even though this property affords you the privacy of no one seeing you!

Contact me if you have the interest and means to acquire such a one-of-a-kind property with a beautiful, well designed custom home.

[Note: When the sun comes up the next morning in a clear sky…WOW!…click here to see those pics]

Here are some pics you might enjoy:

P.S. – This is why you won’t be worried about the power going out during a winter storm.

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