3 Bucks Clashing, Dozens of Deer Graze Right Up Near The House

January 3, 2016

3 Bucks Clashing Antlers

You Would Think This Is A Deer Farm…

There have been lots of deer around the last couple of days in both the morning and the evening. Does and even a buck were spotted laying down under some of the pines before the rest of the herd moved in to graze.

This morning I got a special treat as 3 bucks decided to do a little antler jousting. While I didn’t have the good video camera handy I made do with the Canon PowerShot ELPH 330HS and took some video. I hope the same thing can happen in about 2 months and maybe the bucks will leave their nice antlers behind where I can easily find them!

Crossroads Convenience

Just like this property is located near the crossroads of two state highways giving great access in any direction, the back yard is at a crossroads of a couple of high traffic deer trails.

If at any time you aren’t seeing enough deer just grazing on the grass and nearby trees and other munchies, just fill up the bird feeders and wait a few minutes… the does will be happy to stick their snout under it, tip it, and empty the contents into their mouths.

Birds, sadly enough, have to be content with what gets spilled on the ground!

Bucks Are Always A Treat

Bucks all dressed up with a nice set of antlers are always a treat; and multiple bucks is a better treat. Ok, so maybe cute little spotted fawns trump a buck with a nice set of antlers but it’s at least close.

For whatever reason, I just cannot resist a few more pics of the deer. Thankfully these are the days of digital and there is no expense for film or developing.

It’s always tough trying to decide which pics to delete, so I usually end up deleting only the ones that turned out not in focus or just plain cropped oddly.

Ended up this time with almost three dozen over the course of a couple of days.

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Gallery Of Photos

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