6 Things City Dwellers Miss Out On – Find Them Here

November 15, 2010

There are some advantages to living in the city, smog, high taxes and high cost of living. Some will say that higher salaries compensate…

Here are 6 things you miss living in the City

  1. Starscrescent-moon-and-star-formationThe night sky is completely obscured by city lights. Even small towns have too much ambient light to enjoy a meteor shower or rare comet fly by. At this home with property the night can be as dark as you like; the milky way in clear view unless hindered by clouds or a gorgeous full moon.
  2. Fresh Air – The smell of pine trees, wild flowers and fresh cut grass beats the smell of garbage, diesel fuel and Lord knows what else in the city. There will be times at night when the cool, fresh evening air is so intoxicating you will just grab a lawn chair, sit on the driveway and enjoy!
  3. Peace and Quietresting-in-hammockThe reason an occasional airplane or tractor driving by catches your attention is because it is ordinarily so quiet and peaceful. On a still night you might hear a dog bark from a half mile or more away, an owl hoot or even a coyote call. Most times, the rustle of the wind in the branches of the trees is more than enough to lull to sleep a hammock inhabitant.
  4. Greeneryhome-with-property-and-greeneryIn the city they need government stimulus money so they can put a small planter in the middle of the street and plant view-obstructing trees just to detract ever so slightly from the concrete and asphalt motif.  With 85 acres of forest, prairie grass, wild flowers and ponds you will have all the greenery you desire.
  5. Sounds of Nature – Do you know what noise a deer makes? Or what a commotion can be caused by one single squirrel having a ball in the forest? Turkeys gobbling, frogs croaking, crickets chirping, birds singing, fish flopping. It’s all here on this marvelous property surrounding a spacious home nestled in midst of it all.
  6. Animals and Wildlifedeer-in-woodsNothing particularly ferocious, just lots of animals and wildlife to observe doing what they do. An Eagle overflying, a Blue Heron nesting, deer grazing with the wild turkeys in the back yard while squirrels scurry among them. Watch bats fly at night or fish swim under the surface of the pond by day. Enjoying the wildlife is a highlight of living in this modern home on 85 acres of land.

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