Need Property For Deer Hunting?

November 18, 2010

Deer hunting season is upon us, do you need property for deer hunting where the deer run in groups of two to three dozen? How about bucks roaming in your back yard?

This home with property has about 85 acres of pine trees, hardwoods, two ponds and lots of clover that the deer just love. Every morning and every evening they follow their own trails through the property, stop for morning snack in the back yard or lounge in the shade of the wind break pines in the afternoon.

Put up a deer stand and freeze to death or get bored to death hoping some deer will come your way, is that what you are used to?

How much nicer to go out a couple hundred yards from the house and just wait for them to come by on their daily rounds, eh?

If you need property for deer hunting then the only way to go is to have your own. This acreage is like living on your own state park where you are the ranger in charge.

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