Deer In The Backyard

February 8, 2015

4 Legged Companions

home with property for sale has many deer

The large population of deer on the property have always been welcome, even when they were stealing from the bird feeders. Whether it be twin fawns, bucks or just graceful does we always enjoyed having their company.

Only rarely were they considered a pest, like when the fruit trees were close to ripe I did find times when a makeshift ring of scrap fencing around and apple tree would be a worthwhile investment of a few minutes of time.

These beautiful animals come and go, but not too far back in the trees are there trails where they make their daily runs back and forth from foraging to sleeping areas.

On this day they were particularly pleasant to see out foraging low hanging pine branches and looking under the snow for some grass to nibble on.

We never hunted these friendly visitors but certainly a hunter would find this land to be his paradise. Contact me here if that’s you.

Some more pictures of the deer hanging out in the backyard on a sunny day in the fresh snow:

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