Looking For A Home In The Country With Clean Air?

March 17, 2015

Clean Air, Plenty Of Water

home in the country for sale

Right Inside the Clean Air Zone

There are a lot of nice things about Western Illinois but I never really thought about the clean air. Actually, I just took it for granted.

It does surprise me that more of Illinois isn’t shown with cleaner air because it sure seems clean & fresh.

After hearing so much about drought in the South and the West, I definitely have and do appreciate the plentiful water from our own well here at this home in the country, and makes me wish we did not have it for sale.

As for drinking the water, well, (pardon the pun) we always thought the water tasted just great coming from the door of the refrigerator that has just a simple replaceable filter in the bottom. The only reason we bought bottled water was for taking on trips.

Clean air, clean water, open spaces – all in abundance. That’s a pretty good recipe if you are looking for a nice sized homestead – or even just a real classy home in the country.

This home with property is still for sale as I write this, but with Spring around the corner (it was 78 yesterday!) the buying season is about to go into full swing.

Contact me if you have the interest and the means to make this incredible corner of paradise yours.

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