Perfect Property For Stargazing

March 16, 2015

Meteor Showers, Milky Way, Constellations and Planets

perfect property for stargazing

When the night is super cold it can be really amazing to stand out on the driveway at night and enjoy the view of the sky. But unless you have the heavy duty Carhartts on – which we have done – you don’t stay out too long.

Tonight, though, it’s halfway through March and the temperature is a comfy 67 degrees at 9:30pm and the heavens are ALIVE! The moon has yet to make an appearance and it’s just beautiful. The sky seems just as clear and vivid at 67 as it does at 15.

Since I’m not an awesome photographer with really cool camera equipment I cannot show you exactly what I saw. But I found a couple images online that really represent the flavor of what you would experience if you lived here.

The cool thing about this property is that it really isn’t that far from the places you might work or the things you want to do:

  • 25 minutes to the I-Wireless Center
  • 28 minutes to Modern Woodmen Park
  • 22 minutes to Quad City International Airport
  • 34 minutes to Deere & Company World HQ
  • 35 minutes to Galesburg
  • 15 minutes to Walmart
  • Just a few minutes to a grocery store

Yet, walk outside at night and there is very little “light pollution” obscuring your view of the marvelous nighttime sky!

The Milky Way is easily seen, full moons can be amazing, especially on fresh fallen snow!

watching meteor showers at our home in the country for saleMany, many a night we spent time laying on the driveway, in the back of a pickup or on the grass (all depending on temperature and who all was joining the party) to get a maximum view of the sky during a meteor shower.

Northern Lights

Once, a number of years ago, we had a special treat that I have only had once in my lifetime – Northern Lights! An experience I will never forget. It happened about 9:30pm and the local news stations mentioned it on their nightly news teaser.

Fortunately we had friends call just to make sure we knew it was going on.

The kids were young and had to go in and get to bed, but even after the “lights” faded there was a different bi-polar light that hung around afterward. I hope I never forget it.

People in even a small town just would not have had anything close to the same experience because of all the street lights and traffic.

Property For Outdoor Lovers

This is an incredible property with a really nice home plus a first class shop for dad and the boys (Ok, Ok, girls too!).

If you love the outdoors, maybe this is the home and property for you to buy and make a lifetime of memories in just a few years?

Our family’s time here went way too fast; and kids grow up too fast. You hear that all of your life but it doesn’t sink in until yours are grown and gone.

While in so many ways we wished we could stay here forever, that’s just not how things went.

The good news is that this is an opportunity for you and your family!

Unfortunately, this home and property for sale in western Illinois, conveniently located South of the Quad Cities and North of Galesburg can only be a dream come true for one family.

Will that family be yours?

If you love the outdoors, hunting, fishing, hiking, ATV’ing, target shooting in the daytime with stargazing, meteor watching and campfires with marshmallows at night – then ask yourselves if a premium property like this would be the amazing life experience you have been waiting for.

Contact me now, while it’s still available.

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