Skylights Provide Free Light In Day, Moonbeams At Night

January 26, 2012

Main Skylight Side View Custom Home on 87 AcresThe advantage to your new custom home is that the skylights sizes and locations were picked while the home was under construction.

When the roof trusses were set into place and sheathing going on it became clear which areas of the home would benefit most from having natural light provided by skylights.

The original plan called for 2 skylights in the great room, but those would not have been of the same benefit.

This main skylight pictured at left is above the main entry way and ensures that this area is always well lit by day, with the most wonderful “moonbeams” entering the home on moonlit nights.

The other two skylights, one-half this size, were installed likewise in hallway areas where you want there to be light but prefer the natural light. Since no window can do that job in a hallway, a skylight makes perfect sense.

Kitchen Skylight Trim ViewThis back hallway skylight pictured at right has dual functionality. Again, while the home was under construction it was noticed that the most wonderful light came into the kitchen also since there was no wall in the way at that time.

Thus the decision was made to leave a channel into the kitchen as well and the result was magnificent. Not only did it add a unique feature that no one had seen before, it also provided natural light to two areas instead of just one.

The bedroom hallway tends to be dark in most homes just as a consequence of function. Not in this custom home set on 87 gorgeous acres, though.

A tall, tapered channel from the 9′ ceiling up to the skylight in the roof provides bright, natural light at the intersection of the hallway leading past the main bath to the bedrooms and the hallway connecting the 4 bedrooms themselves.

Custom Home With Property Bedroom Hallway SkylightHere at the left you can get just an idea by looking at this view of the skylight from directly underneath.

Soon you will be able to not just imagine these fantastic features but even enjoy them yourself.

Once you have lived in a custom built home where shortcuts were never taken and quality reigns throughout you will never want to go back to one of those cookie cutter homes where low cost was the only criteria when planning, building and outfitting.

Contact us right to find out how this can be yours.

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