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March 8, 2012

Pine Trees Assure A Gorgeous View Year-Round

March Views Of The Land After The Snow Melted

Still Looks Great After The Snow Melts

I wrote the other day how beautiful it is on our Illinois acreage south of the Quad Cities, and north of Galesburg if that helps anyone, when it snows.

Well, it’s March and sometimes those snow falls don’t last very long. Within a couple of days we are enjoying Spring-like temperatures that hit 70 degrees.

The snow doesn’ t last long at those temperatures.

Fear not, though, the views out the windows are still fantastic; the pine trees (and firs) ensure that.

We love hardwoods, and that is where the real money is (we have $40,000 plus of harvest-able timber on the 87 acres), but evergreens are where the beauty lies, especially in the Winter months.

So I thought I would upload another gallery of some of the same window views out of the house, plus a couple from the front porch and driveway, showing how great it looks even after that beautiful white fluffy stuff is gone.

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