Do You Rejoice When It Snows? You Would If You Lived Here!

March 5, 2012

Home and Land For Sale – Quad Cities, Illinois


You Will Love Snow When You Live Here!

We first fell in love with this property when it was blanketed by a March snowfall, like we just got yesterday.

Within a year we had built a beautiful custom home with quality construction and space like you have probably never seen before.

Morton Buildings put up a fantastic shop for storing and working on equipment as well as housing the all house generator.

Each time it snowed we were awed by the beauty of the snow on the pine trees, hills, ponds and streams. Too bad affordable digital photography was still a few years off.

Pretty When It Shows, Gorgeous When The Sun Comes Out

If you think the view from the house can’t get any prettier than when large snowflakes are coming down like in the photo above, wait until the sun comes out the next day.

The photo gallery below shows the views out the windows of the home we have for sale and a couple from the covered porch (which is perfect to sit outside, protected, when it rains in the summer).

But this home and property we have offered for sale is in Illinois, south of the Quad Cities, so that means that there will be ice occasionally.

Here, though, it’s easy to make lemonade out of lemons.

In the video below you see some fun we had anytime the driveway was covered in ice; hurry up and get the six wheeler out there before it melts. (Note: the kids just LOVED this, but they are not in this particular demonstration video) PLEASE don’t try this unless the driveway is covered in ice/and snow sufficient for lack of traction!


Here is the photo gallery of the snowy views from the windows of the house.

Contact us when you decide you NEED to live here!

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