Bucks In the Backyard

February 15, 2015

Scoping Out The Upcoming Antler Hunt

illinois hunting land for sale - buck by cottonwood

Buck Just Resting By A Cottonwood In Backyard

This is the time of year you can find bucks congregating with each other and the does. The rest of the year they seem to be more of a loner.

The other day I happened to be fortunate enough to look out the back window and see 3 nicely antlered bucks along with quite a few other deer, just grazing and hanging out in the back yard.

These pictures (with the exception of the buck above, down by the cottonwood tree) were taken through the window. Bucks are usually too skittish to hang around once they hear the door open on the house, no matter how quiet you think you are being.

Nonetheless, some of the shots didn’t turn out too badly; keeping in mind that it’s usually towards dusk or late dawn that you even see them and lighting is less than perfect.

What Type Of Hunter Are You?

If you are a deer hunter, whether firearm or bow, you will be quite happy to see a few nice bucks so close to the house. For us, it’s a matter of sizing up what the annual antler hunt might yield for us as the discards are always fun to find during an enjoyable walk through the woods or Max ride around the property.

In recent years there have been fewer and fewer hunters in the area so I suspect the deer are getting a little more plentiful.

So whether you just enjoy watching the deer, taking a few photos and maybe collecting discarded antlers or if you are a serious hunter, this Illinois land for sale with an awesome custom home and shop could be just right for you. It does NOT come cheap, as nothing of real value does.

If you think this is you, contact me before someone else does.

3 Bucks With Other Deer (Afternoon)

Single Buck (Including Some Compromising Poses)

The next morning I found this buck doing his thing in the backyard under a tree… couldn’t resist some more photos.

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In case you are having trouble spotting all 3 bucks, the 3rd is in the far end of the shot and he’s (unfortunately not obliging by) facing away from the camera.

3 bucks in backyard of illinois hunting land with home for sale

3 Bucks In The Backyard (Click to Enlarge)

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