Doe & Fawn in Side Yard (Video)

September 19, 2015

Short Video Of Doe & Fawn on the Lawn

It’s very common to see deer out the window, but catching sight of a fawn is a little tougher to do. It seems that some years there are hardly any sightings at all; or, just not a long enough time to run and get the camera. Of course some of this is due to the time of year when they are born: Spring gives plenty to eat with plenty of cover so they are not seen by predators or admirers.

So when I saw this little guy I had to try my best, and that’s why the pics are through the window and even a screen. Sorry about that but fawns are just too skittish to hang around usually when they hear a door open.

Please note, however, if you keep the “bird” feeders full in the back yard the deer traffic goes up considerably!

A few years after we first moved in there were some newborn fawns within 50 feet of the house just parked in the grass waiting for momma to come back; I was able to approach and get pics from just a couple feet (one of those photos is in the image rotator/slider). 

In one case we were just starting to wonder if momma doe was coming back. As soon as we got busy doing something else, she came in and collected her youngster without attracting our attention.

When it comes to fawns, it’s kind of hard to get over the cuteness…

Which is one reason this land has not been hunted now in almost 20 years. That fact may interest certain folks looking for good deer hunting land for sale.

Come early Spring, though, we always enjoyed antler hunting. Some of the antlers are dropped right in the middle of the pathways and others deep in the woods. Always fun to look for them regardless.

Right now we have apples and pears falling off some trees and you can bet nothing decent lays on the ground too long before some deer come along and enjoy a nice snack.

So I’ve been getting out the ladder and grabbing the best of the best before it falls, bruises and ends up as deer food. Just so happens I had my eye on 3 nice pears high up in the tree a couple of weeks ago and for one too many days I said: “I’ll get the ladder out tomorrow and grab those”.

The next day I went out with the ladder and they were…gone. Nothing in the tree, no sign of fallen pears on the ground. Those deer left nothing behind! 

Fawn Photos

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