2017 Antler Hunt

April 14, 2017

3 antlers found 2017 antler hunt property for sale quad cities

A Favorite Activity When You Are A Landowner

We always look forward to the annual Spring Antler Hunt since it’s a great time of year to hike and explore your acreage while searching for the prized shed antlers from all the White Tail Bucks.

When the bucks shed the antlers varies from year to year depending on weather and other factors but we usually start looking around mid-February and keep looking until the grass and foliage growth pretty much prevent locating any additional gems.

This year I found the first one while cruising in the Recreative Industries Max IV (which is just one piece of personal property that goes with this home & property for sale at the listed price) – the largest pictured above – in early March.

The two smaller antlers I found about a month later while mowing on the Z-Mower (another piece of personal property that goes with the sale at the listed price)…

Having moved to Texas, I personally got a kick out of the far left antler with only one “point” and somewhat resembling a Texas Longhorn steer!

What Is The Antler Hunt?

The annual antler hunt is just a nice way to enjoy a day in the woods, really. Typically we would ride trails in the MAX IV 6-wheeler and grab any on the trails themselves (note: last year almost all 11 antlers found were retrieved without even exiting the vehicle!) and then dismount and some of our favorite hiking trails and scour the woods and brooks for anything interesting.

max sitting where pair of antlers found on home with property for sale quad cities

Antlers, bones, cool rocks…

All would be inspected and often brought back to the house for display outside, inside or added to a child’s “collection”.

What Antlers Are Worth

Are shed deer antlers worth anything?

Well, we did have some guys from the Chicago area stop by one year offering to buy antlers from us to be used in lamps and other rustic home items they made and sold. At the time we really had not accumulated that many yet so we did want to sell any.

Unfortunately, I did not bother to ask what they were offering if we had some extras…

What the antlers are worth, though, is a big smile for the person who spots it and yells “tally ho” to announce the find to other family members.

Whether or not the antlers have monetary worth is inconsequential; they are just a big hoot to find!

2017 Anter Hunt Results

Unfortunately I did not really have time for a full “hunt” of the property this year, and with only 1 person, 87 acres is a lot to cover!

While the large ones are fairly easy to spot, those smaller ones from the year-and-a-half old bucks require a sharper eye and maybe a little luck.

I do feel fortunate that the 2 smaller ones found while mowing were discovered BEFORE rolling over them with the mower deck  😀 

Should this sound like a desirable lifestyle to you…

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The first snow of the 2016/17 Winter season has again transformed this home on 87 beautiful acres (for sale) into a gorgeous Winter Wonderland.

This is the view from the back picture window. Pretty nice huh?


Ok, I hear you wondering…

This is the picture from a few steps back:


Cameras never seem to capture the beauty of the snow itself falling, no matter what I’ve tried and the improvement in cameras over the years.

So let’s go outside and see how the video from my smart phone does.


Love it?

This property can be yours! Not cheap, just WORTH IT!

Contact me here

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